TechDays Mexico City

I'm in Mexico City today for another TechDays event. It's two days of intensive training seminars on all the cool stuff going on in the Java world. I got to do the opening talk and spend a bunch of time talking with developers and the press. The picture on the right is of me with a couple of students from TESE who where showing me some cellphone applications that one of them had written. The turnout for the conference was great, the sessions were overflowing. There's a really energetic and talented group of developers in Mexico. Great fun.

The major tragedy was that we shipped 650 Duke dolls to the event to be given away, but 550 of them got "liberated" in transit, and only 100 arrived. Somewhere, floating around in the Mexican black market, are 550 Duke dolls. This was after a flap with Mexican customs where the dolls were described as "stress relievers", so we had to get a medical certificate for them.

June 17, 2005