T-Shirt Hurling Contest finalists chosen

We're a little late in finishing the judging for the three finalists for this years contest. But finally, it's done: the winners are Peter Moore (Australia), Ronald Smith (USA) and Oscar Guandique (San Salvadore). To avoid spoiling the fun, I won't describe their entries until after JavaOne. But they're all pretty cool.

In general, judging was harder this year: there were more and better entries. The entrants generally had a firmer grip on the laws of physics. And there were a lot more international entries. There were a couple of cool ones that involved explosives that I thought would be pretty safe, but we couldn't get the folks responsible for safety to calm down. Then there was the one that involved (among other things) hiring a dozen naked cheerleaders: we couldn't figure out if it was even legal, but we had a great time talking about it.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and good luck to the finalists!

To see what they build, you'll have to come to JavaOne.

June 17, 2005