Migrating my blog to roller...

I'm migrating my weblog from the simple ftp-based filesystem blog that I had been using on today.java.net to the Roller based blogging engine on blogs.sun.com. My original blog got started before the modern infrastructure got set up. My new blog is at http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/jag But the going has been more than slightly rocky: those wiser than I think I'm slightly nuts. The meta weblog / xmlrpc is reputed to be more than slightly rocky: images have low performance and entry dates and titles cannot be manipulated. As one of the folks I've been talking with has said: "if one were of a cynical streak of mind one might think it had been designed to make sure that you could not do anything" through xmlrpc rather than the web page interface.

But I figure that it'll be a good experiment in seeing how it all hangs together. The simple filesystem based infrastructure that I had been using was very simple and efficient, and gave me total freedom in page layout. But it didn't have some of the other stuff that comes with having an intelligent server. We'll see.

June 19, 2005