Advanced Sleep Deprivation

The Advanced Course in Sleep Deprivation that is JavaOne is just about ready to start. Life has been pretty insane for quite a while getting all the bits a pieces lined up. It's shaping up to be a particularly fine conference this year. Lots of great courses. Lots of great parties. Lots of folks showing off stunning stuff.

Picking the Duke's Choice award winners was really hard this year, there were so many cool candidates. Same thing for the keynote demos: too many cool things to show off and talk about, too little time. My keynote is on the last day. It's all toy show. Huge fun.

And the finalists in the t-shirt hurling contest all have their rigs together, tested, and shipped to SF. Tapping their inner physicist. More major coolness that you'll have to come to the keynotes to see.

June 24, 2005