Monday's JavaOne keynote

Lots and lots of cool stuff... Not nearly enough time to write about it all. The thrills started even before the keynote: the jazz group that provided the opening music including one of my all time favorite musicians: Paul Horn. A real treat.

Then there was all the stuff about open sourcing of our app server, a project internally named GlassFish. It's all out there at We've been pricing the binaries at $0 for quite a while, now all of the source is out there for anyone to grab and play with. It'll be the place where we do our work on the evolution of Java EE.

IBM being there was wonderful: the contract negotiations had gone on for quite a while, and resolved to everyone's satisfaction. They've been great supporters for years and I'm very happy to have all the details clear once again.

One of the sleeper activities that has been going on is the definition of the blu-ray next generation DVD standard. Java (a relative of the J2ME spec) is how dynamic behavior is defined on a DVD disk: every DVD player will have a Java VM and a network connection. There are huge possibilities...

Then there was the new stuff in Java Studio Creator... Particularly the support for AJAX.

June 27, 2005