Happily Subversive?

I've been spending the last few days helping figure out what we (Sun) should do about version control for all of our source files. We've been using a system called TeamWare that we developed in-house years ago. It's the father-of-BitKeeper. It's solid as a rock and scales well, but no one has worked on it for years and it's beginning to show its age (in particular, it has no web-based distributed development: it's based around NFS).

So I've been going through the alternatives. BitKeeper is "problematic" (mostly: incompatible with working with open source organizations). CVS has a huge raft of technical problems. We've thought about open-sourcing TeamWare, but there would be a lot of engineering effort required to bring it into the modern world and run on many different platforms. SubVersion+svk is looking interesting, but it's hard to tell how well it works under fire at scale.

I'd love to hear from folks who have used SubVersion (with or without svk) for multi-million-line code bases with thousands of versions.

July 25, 2005