T-Shirt Hurling Contest Questions

I've received a fair number of questions about details of the contest:
  • How much time do we get to launch the shirts? About 5 minutes
  • Are the shirts rolled or folded any special way? No. They're just regular t-shirts. You can fold, roll or package them any way you'd like. Just make sure they're non-lethal (no embedding in cannonballs, for example).
  • Is there a source of electricity? Absolutely. There's an internet connection too.
  • How many shirts do we need to launch? As many as you can in the time available. But don't worry about volume: previous entrants have won even though they only managed to launch a couple of shirts.
  • How far do the shirts have to be thrown? It's several hundred feet to the back of the room, but don't worry about trying to go that far. 50 or 60 feet would be OK (but more is better!).
  • How stable is the stage? Launching doesn't happen from the stage: it's too fragile. Usually it happens from a specially built platform (roughly 20'x20') that gets rolled out next to the stage. It's pretty robust. Suitable for mounting cannons and siege weapons.
Don't be bashful! Keep those entries coming! Make Newton proud!
February 9, 2006