Bits and pieces

  • Yes, the t-shirt hurling contest finalists have been picked. All the entrants got notified, but I forgot to put anything in my blog. The winners were Roberto Diaz, Rob Butler and Bruno Souza (yes, we have our first Brazilian finalist: I'm expecting madness (in a good way)).
  • JavaOne's growth this year has put some serious strain on keynote scheduling so we've had to move the t-shirt hurling contest from the keynotes into the AfterDark party on Thursday night. The ceiling is very high: lots of room for crazy projectiles.
  • We did a run-through of candidate keynote demos last week. They're looking pretty sweet. The SwingLabs folks did a particularly stunning job.
  • Picking the Dukes Choice winners has never been harder.
  • I've been doing some heavy NetBeans plugin module hacking for a little JavaOne fun. I had been pretty happy with the plugin module development facilities when I was just dabbling. Now I'm deep into it, and happier.
  • In the midst of the course in advanced sleep deprivation that is the preparation for JavaOne, I'm ending up going to Java Tech Days in Moscow and Johannesburg. I'm a glutton for punishment.
  • Next week (April 11-12) we're doing a Tech Days event in Sao Paulo where my boss, Jeff Jackson, will be speaking.
  • The low point of the week will be going through yet another deposition. This time in a patent case where it is belived that something I did years ago is prior art.
April 9, 2006