JavaOne, day 2.1

I got through the rest of yesterday with some interesting meetings with customers and the press. A couple of folks who worked with the SavaJe phones were showing me the leaderboard app from the slot car racing contest running on the phone. If you stopped by the race track, you would have seen the original app on a big screen by the track. It's pretty straightforward, but it was still pretty cool seeing it running (almost) unchanged on the cell phone. They did make a couple of changes: they scaled down the background image and fixed a bug in my networking code that was timing out too aggressively.

Today is mostly rehearsals for my keynote tomorrow morning - which is all demos. But they're longer demos than you usually see at keynotes, with a lot more code and detail.

This evening is the After Dark party, which promises to be a lot of fun. The Mythbusters will be there, mostly doing robotic stuff (sorry, no exploding cement trucks in public places). And we're doing the t-shirt hurling contest. Fun with cannons and chainsaws.... And the Brazilians doing performance art...

May 18, 2006