Community translation experiment

My spare-time fun hacking project for the past couple of months has been a web site for community tranlation of documentation. It's currently live at When you first look at it, you see what looks like the output of javadoc, which is roughly what it is: javadoc run inside a servlet container. You can choose which language to view the documentation in - right now, there's very little that has actually been translated. Take a look at an example page to see what's possible (I'd like to apologize in advance to French readers: my French is very poor, so I used Google's language tools to do a few translations). The little green squares indicate a successfully located translation, red squares indicate failure. You can volunteer to translate some phrases. And there can be multiple translations of a phrase available: there's a voting mechanism for other users to pick which version they like the best.

All of the source is available under the GPL license at Please use the forum to discuss DocWeb, and file bug reports and RFEs on the issue tracker.

For now, it really is just an experiment. I'll try to keep it somewhat stable, but it is under active development, and it isn't set up yet for really huge scale.

October 15, 2006