Beardless! Conspiracies!

I can't resist posting this photo of me beardless. I've had my beard for a lot of years. Neither my wife nor my kids had ever seen me without a beard. Until last week. Pretty frightening! Don't worry, I'm growing it back as fast as I can. I had to cut it off last Sunday because last Monday I went in for surgery to correct a rather severe case of obstructive sleep apnea.

I generally stay away from posting personal stuff on my work blog, but the blog-o-sphere is a great place for conspiracy theorists and worrywarts. I've only been out for a week and I've already received all kinds of odd mail. No, I'm not off pouting about Sun's Open Source Strategy: I'm really happy we're finally getting it done (the only thing I'm unhappy about is how many complexities there are to take care of - don't worry, we'll get it done). No, I'm not job hunting: Sun is fun again!

I probably won't be back at work until after New Years. I've got a lot of healing to do: four large saw cuts in my skull have left me pretty grumpy. Then there's the steel framework holding my skull together while it all heals (no pictures, I promise). The fun part is that for this kinda stuff, serious pain killers come in jugs.

October 29, 2006