I've been working pretty hard on the community translation website. It's coming along pretty nicely, although it has been a bumpy ride for the past couple of weeks - the lawyers made me shut it down for a few days while I added a "feature": contributors need to sign a contribution agreement so that we have the right to publish the translations on our website.

There have been a lot of changes, but the most noticable are that users names can now contain characters outside of 7-bit ascii - this was a bigger fight than expected (I love "standards"); and a silly bug that caused documents to be returned in the wrong language, even if the right one was available (oddly enough, mostly happed for English. English is always available, but sometimes something else would be returned).

There's also a developing "Top 10" page that contains some interesting statistics, like the top translators in each language, and the languages with the most activity. I thought the Brazilians (Portuguese) were sure to be the most active, but they're being beaten by the French, Hungarians (way to go keseruk!) and Germans.

There's lot's more to do. I've been experimenting with various different navigation methods (other than the giant scrolling lists). It's endless.

If you haven't given it a try, try it out.

November 7, 2006