GPL V2 wins!

I'm really happy that after months of arguing and analysis, we finally agreed on using the GPL version 2 with the classpath exception as the license for JavaSE. We're also taking the first couple of baby steps in getting actual source code relicensed. All of it will follow, eventually. But there's a lot of work to do, like migrating millions of lines of code from TeamWare to Mercurial.

For extra bonus fun, we're open sourcing Duke. You'll find a pile of images along with a few animations and 3D models. We'll be adding to it over time. Duke has been a lot of fun. I hope you can have fun with him too. Figuring that some folks would like t-shirts, we've set some images up at CafePress.

Being "out sick" for a long time is horrible. I'm missing all the fun. First I miss the NetBeans 5.5 launch (I'm deeply in love with the profiler.. It is soooo sweet); then I miss JDK6 going final. Now I'm missing out on this. Email may be great, but it's no substitute for physical presence. Bummer. But I'm healing well.

November 13, 2006