Thanks everyone!

JavaSE 6 is finally out in its glorious FCS bits. It's got all manner of cool new features (I particularly love the OpenGL integration that makes GLJPanel fly like the wind). Instead of the usual flag waving and "what's cool in JDK6" lists, I'd just like to say thanks to all of the folks in the community who have contributed to it. All of your error reports, feature requests, bug fixes, code contribtions and spec work are deeply appreciated. We couldn't do it without you. This truly is a community effort.

And what a community it is. Large corporations. Academic institutions. Governments. Private individuals. Organizations. All pulling together (well, mostly: there's a lot of diplomacy required). I'd especially like to highlight the folks who are members of JCP expert groups: working in one takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication.

December 11, 2006