Out of the frying pan...

...into the fire. I finally got back from the Tech Day events in London and Paris. Both went very well. Lots of great developers all over the place. One of the things I love to do is "open mic" question and answer sessions: I got some really good grillings on this trip. I had promised myself that I would do a lot of blogging this time, but it never happened. Between being booked for too many hours a day and an irrational need to sleep, I didn't succeed.

One particularly interesting visit I went on was to the Computing Laboratory at the University of Kent. It (along with Deakin University) is the home of BlueJ. BlueJ is a great teaching tool/methodology/IDE that is used in schools an Universities all over the world. They've come up with a new thing called greenfoot, which is a cross betwen a framework/API for creating two-dimensional games&simulations and the BlueJ IDE. It's designed to help motivate kids to learn programming by making it easy for them to write games. Even if you're not a kid, the framework is a lot of fun.

March 26, 2007