JavaOne wrap-up

I did the Toy Show on the last day of JavaOne, intending to write a wrap-up article immediatly. But It's amazing how way leads on to way. I got off the stage at 10:30 and headed home where I had a houseful of relatives visiting for Mother's Day. When I got home I found that my neice had broken her ankle (by stepping on a tennis ball - whodathunk?) just moments before I arrived, so I ended up heading off to the ER at Stanford where I spent the next 6 hours. Joy. The rest of the weekend was really nice.

Back to the Toy Show... If you weren't there, you should watch the videos. The tail end of the session was devoted to devices that aren't important to many JavaOne attendees in their normal software development role, but they sure do stretch the mind. For example, the SONIA autonomous underwater vehicle was a great example of a bunch of students having a huge amount of fun doing something quite interesting. I especially liked their timeline that showed the correlation between their contest ranking and their adoption of Java.

Overall, there was a huge amount of interesting stuff at JavaOne. OpenJDK, JavaFX scripting, Glassfish V3, NetBeans 6, NASA World Wind, Consumer JRE, BDJ, applet fun everywhere, and some cool realtime robotics demos - and a whole lot more.

I don't think I've ever been through such a hectic JavaOne, or ended up with such a long to-do list (Mostly JavaFX stuff...). Much fun to com!

May 23, 2007