In the depths of CERN.

On slashdot, the question was just asked What Are Must-Sees For Open Day At the LHC? I had the good fortune to get to visit CERN at the end of November last year and I got shown around. It is truly awe-inspiring. I put a pile of my pictures up on the web. None of them have any captions, but they're pretty cool anyways. Most of the pictures are either in the chamber with the Atlas experiment, or in the tunnel itself. For my money, those are the two big must-sees.

I was invited by some of the Java geeks who worked there. A lot of software at CERN is done in Java. One of the folks from CERN is going to be showing off some of their toys during my keynote session on the last day of JavaOne - yet another reason to come. JavaOne is stacking up to be great this year: all the early registration numbers show we're going to have another healthy increase over last year. Everyone's into advanced sleep deprivation, getting ready.

March 30, 2008