Space Junk

Today we got to put out one of the most weirdly cool press releases that we've done in quite a while. It was nice to see some blogosphere pickup from Tim O'Brien. Projects like this have quite a rigorous evaluation process to get to the start of deployment. One of the fun things about the realtime version of Java is that it gets us involved in all sorts of fascinating systems. It's not real engineering until megawatts are involved. :-) Today's customer visit involved folks in the gigawatt range...

JavaOne coolness is getting over the top. A fair number of hotels are already sold out. For the past several years we've been back on a track of annual serious escalation. Choosing demos, judging awards, figuring out what goes into the keynotes and sessions is real tough. There are a bunch more sessions this year (we found some more space to book). The t-shirt launching contest isn't happening: one of the big reasons is that everything else is squeezed so tight that something had to give. :-(

April 14, 2008