Too much fun...

My keynote this morning went off flawlessly. You can watch it on UStream. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed: The demos were all incredibly inspirational. I was in awe of every one of them. The main hall at Moscone was packed. The production crew was totally perfect, despite all the re-arranging of the plan. And the Sun crew were their usual wonderful selves.

My keynote is easy. Everybody else doing talks at JavaOne has to figure out what to say. I poke around the community and grab stuff. There's so much cool stuff being done that the hardest part of putting the toy show together is picking. I just have to stand back in awe and ask a few inane questions.

Controlling the most complex instrument ever made by mankind.... (the Large Hadron Collider) Surfing a constellation of satellites around mars and mining their data... A pen as a computing platform... The realtime stuff becoming mainstream.... Instrumenting the world... Another generation of smart cards... And smart cars... Massive graphical acceleration on a cell phone... Killer massively multiplayer games... Great web infrastructure tools for creating and introspecting... "the network is the computer" Hah! => "the network is the world"

But the best part was helping to give John Gage his well deserved lifetime achievement award.

Now it's time for a beach and a beer.

May 9, 2008