We've been cranking!

Just in case you hadn't noticed, in the waves of election-mania, Sun has been cranking out a pile of great software releases recently:
  • JDK 6u10 with all of it's desktop deployment and performance goodies shipped.
  • MySQL has a release candidate for 5.1!!
  • Glassfish V3 has a tasty supported prelude release available.
  • The NetBeans crew has put out NetBeans 6.5RC with enhanced support for RESTful services, C/C++, a pile of scripting languages, and a whole lot more.
  • OpenSolaris is really close to the FCS of the 2008.11 release. I've been running the release candidates, and it's looking great.
  • And the JavaFX team is getting real close....
And if you haven't yet been totally overwhelmed by Obama-mania articles, you might enjoy the one by Desmond Tutu.
November 9, 2008