Fun with Duke

It's been a really weird summer, mostly in a good way. Easily the weirdest summer of my professional career. A lot of stuff has been going on, much of which would make good blog material, but none of it can be blogged about. The Oracle transition can't happen fast enough.

I have spent some time on a silly but fun project: moving the Duke artwork from to Along the way I added a bunch of new artwork collected from assorted places. Duke's new home uses a new kenai feature that's in early alpha testing: the ability to associate a WebDAV filesystem with a project. In this case, it's, or via webdav at

Among the new artwork is the giant billboard/banner that appeared at Moscone for the last JavaOne. The "gigantic" image is 28000x6400: don't bother downloading it unless you have a really big printer.

Another interesting one is the artwork for a tshirt that was never produced that was intended for an End of an Era party for Sun employees at Great America. The party never happened. The artwork is kinda fun: it features Duke having a beer with a character based on a Sun100 workstation - sun's first computer. If you look at the high resolution version, you'll see that the Sun100 is running OpenSolaris :-) If you want a shirt or mug made with it, I put it up on cafepress.

July 29, 2009