My slides from Oracle Openworld

Several folks have asked for copies of my slides from Oracle Openworld. Unfortunately, there's no printable form of them, since I did them as a JavaFX app. You'll find them at which will launch the app (with all it's rather large images) via JNLP. If you're curious about the sources, they're on kenai. The code is pretty ugly: I just slapped it together. I'm not proud :-) The code for the map browsing component is in there too. It uses the tile server from (Click and drag with the mouse to move, scroll wheel to zoom). I kinda like the map browsing component, so I'm cleaning up the source and I'll push it out to kenai as a separate project sometime soon.

I would have published it earlier in the week, except that there's a bug on Snow Leopard where webstarted apps that use fullscreen get a bus error :-( Works fine in fullscreen as a regular desktop app, but something weird happens when webstarting. Works fine on all other platforms. I gave up trying to figure out what was going on and just dropped the fullscreen startup.

October 16, 2009