The conference formerly known as JAOO

I've spent the last few days in Aarhus, Denmark at the GOTO conference - which was formerly known as JAOO. One of the things I like about my post-sun life is that I get to give talks other than a generic "state of the union". In this case, on the hacking I've been doing to help out on a fun project at VW/Stanford (but that's another whole series of blog posts). JAOO/GOTO is a great conference. One of the unusual things they do as a commercial conference is that the content and schedule isn't driven by sponsors. Rather than putting out a generic "call for papers" (which in many conferences gets tied to sponsorship), the organizers map out technical trends and then invite speakers in the midst of those technologies. I particularly enjoyed the tracks on NoSQL and web-scale infrastructure. Rather than pitching particular products, the speakers did an excellent job of covering the whole technical debate and the tradeoffs.
October 7, 2010