It's never been easier to meet friendly people

I'm in DC for the Stewart/Colbert rally tomorrow. I bought one of Colbert's "I have a scream" t-shirts online and decided to wear it today, the day before the rally. I kept being stopped in the streets by people who asked where they could buy one of the shirts. My answer of "online" was disappointing, but it always led to an interesting conversation. In the last few hours I've met dozens and dozens of friendly people who've traveled to DC from all over. I can't wait until tomorrow. It's an amazing time.

PS. Someone missed a great opportunity to sell a lot of t-shirts in the streets today :-)

PPS. For those folks wondering why I'm willing to go to this event in DC when I cancelled the events I was supposed to be at in Europe. The answer is simple: my recent jaw surgery stops me from talking too much, but it doesn't interfere with walking.

October 29, 2010