OpenJDK 7 on Mac lives!

The folks working on the OS X port of OpenJDK are making real progress. I've been regularly downloading their "unofficial" builds and kicking the tires. More than that, I'm starting to use it as my normal VM. Their project status page gets regular updates as, one after another, issues get knocked off. For my use, it's been reasonably solid, although graphics performance needs some work - the app I'm working on right now pushes Graphics2D rather hard. It's far from done, but I'm happy with the progress so far. I've got an early access copy of the JavaFX libraries that I keep meaning to kick the tires on, but haven't had the time just yet.

Over the years I've talked a lot about all of the wild and wonderful stuff in the Java ecosystem. One of the things I love about my new job is getting to really use all of that stuff. Things like the Map Projection Library... so cool!

Thanks everyone!

September 28, 2011