Cool robot video

Some folks from Bloomberg visited our engineering site in Hawaii and did a great video of the Wave Glider robot in action:
It's amazing to see how people react to the robot. There was an ocean engineering conference in Hawaii several weeks ago, not far from our engineering site. Most long-time oceanography folks listen to the pitch about our robot and it really doesn't make sense to them, if only because it doesn't have a propeller and can stay out at sea for a long time. We hired a local dive shop to take conference attendees to swim with the robot, and for many it was quite an epiphany: grabbing onto the robot and having it pull you through the water with just the power of the waves is quite an experience. The underwater wings are amazingly graceful. It's a very elegant piece of engineering.

If you're interested in joining the fun, we're having 4 Wave Gliders cross the Pacific and we'll be continuously publishing all the data on a website as they go along. Anyone: researchers, hobbyists, students... can grab the data and look for interesting things. It could make for an interesting science fair project. [the website will be up and running and populated with data as soon as I can get it done]

October 28, 2011