Having an unreasonable amount of fun

For the past several months I've been having an unreasonable amount of fun. I've been spending almost all of my time coding, with very little time wasted on meetings and corporate rubbish. I've built a publish/subscribe cloud repository that deals with some of the oddities of dealing with streaming telemetry. All the usual replication/redundancy stuff. And I've been building a rich client for doing visualization. I'm totally in love with the WorldWind library from NASA. Totally solid and filled with a pile of features that make building complex apps (almost) dead simple. I did have to do one bit of low level hacking: their line drawing primitives work well for a few hundred lines that don't need level-of-detail support. I needed to handle lines with 10s of thousands of segments with level-of-detail handling. Not hard, just fun. I've done a lot of library work that it probably makes sense to open source sometime.

I have actually been doing a lot of blogging, just not here on my personal blog. You'll find it at the PacX challenge site which I and several other folks contribute to.

January 19, 2012