NetBeans 4.0 Rocks!

I know I'm biased, but the NetBeans 4 folks have done a great job. I've been playing with the Q builds all along, and they just put out their beta1 release. Lovely.

What got me excited this time isn't one of the new features (like ant-based projects, JDK 5.0 supporty, J2ME support, refactoring or all the rest), it's one of the features that's been there for a while, I had just never tried it out. In my daily life, I mostly write client side code. It's been a couple of years since I've needed to write a servlet. Writing servlets is easy, but dealing with deployment can be rough. So I decided to try the servlet development support in NetBeans. Piece of cake! No writing deployment descriptors, no fighting with installing and configuring a server. Just run the wizard, type in the body of the servlet, and click run. Direct to having fun with the ImageIO libraries...

August 30, 2004