What's happened to my blog?

I've had several emails lately from folks wondering why I haven't done much blogging lately. Mostly it's because I've tried to stick to java-oriented technical topics, but life has been swamped by other things.

I spent several months involved in the Kodak trial. It was so bizarre. I so much wanted to rant about it (and I still do), but for a pile of good reasons, it would be a bad idea. One of these days one of the lawyers needs to write a detailed and accurate article about what happened in that case. It was a horror from end to end. But I'm not the right one to write the story.

Then there was the election. And then the horrible depression afterwards. I'm mostly out of that funk, thanks to some great humour from Mark Morford, SorryEverybody, a damn yankee, and a whole lot of others. I realized I was in trouble when I noticed that I was thinking of Michael Moore as a voice of reason.

I'm better now. Back to being a geek.

November 17, 2004