KidPix Rules

A while ago I bought a copy of KidPix for my 5 year old daughter (Kelsey). I had bought one years ago for my (now) 14 year old daughter (Kate). They both loved it. I installed the new copy on my wife's iBook, since she leaves it set up by the kitchen. Kelsey loves KidPix so much that she took over my wife's computer. When my wife wanted to read her email, Kelsey wouldn't let her, delivering a lecture on how my wife had to "share". Needless to say, this didn't go over very well. To restore family harmony, I trotted off to the Apple store and bought an eMac... Of course, my 14 year old has had a computer in her room for quite a few years. It's pretty aged by now.

I had become a statistic. There was a fascinating Report that came out from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting called Connected to the Future, A Report on Children's Internet Use. The internet is becoming such a big part of children's lives "65 percent of American children ages 2-17 now use the Internet from home, school, or some other location" and "78 percent of children live in homes in which either they or a parent use the Internet from home". These are wonderful numbers, especially the ones later on where they analyze how the Internet is being used: far from being dominated by games, Education and Exploration are the big areas.

June 17, 2005