Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs's resignation as the CEO of Apple is all over the press. So, Steve, just in case you ever read my blog: Thanks. You've made a huge difference to me, the industry, and the world. My house is filled with Apple gear because it is the best, and it's the best because of you. You're a hard guy to work with, but your uncompromising insistence on excellence has a huge upside. You probably don't know this, but your daughter Eve went to the same elementary school, in the same grade, as my youngest daughter. Eve was a good kid to have over for birthday parties. You really thrilled the third grade class when you showed up to give an iPhone demo the day after it was announced. I'm not sure what impressed the kids most: the gizmo, or your infectious enthusiasm. It's unfortunate that you could never come to any of the father/child campouts: you would have had fun. Happy Trails.
August 24, 2011