NetBeans tidbits

  • Starting to gear up for NetBeans day in Toronto on December 5th. I'll be there for it, and for the TechDays event that follows.
  • As a special bonus, if you go to, you'll find that you can get a free copy of Java Studio Creator.
  • I won't be able to go to either NetBeans day (Nov 7th) or JavaOne Tokyo next week. They'll be great shows. The really bad part is that I don't get to visit Akihabara.
  • For all of my daily hacking, I've been living on NetBeans 5 and it's getting sooo damn cool. Especially the new UI builder. I've actually been living dangerously and using the nightly builds, but because of Java's fault containment, I have yet to get burned (badly).
  • PS. Kudos to the JSR173 crowd: I've been having a lot of fun with it, despite the complexity of all the factories.
November 4, 2005