JavaOne After Dark

I got to spend a couple of fun hours this afternoon with Jamie Hyneman of M5 Industries - the Mythbusters. Adam was outside for most of the discussion - he had his head shoved into the back of a car doing some welding that wasn't going well. They're going to be part of the entertainment at the AfterDark party, and we were going over things they could do to liven up the event. The tragedy is that most of the cool things they do for their show could never be done in a crowded room without doing some serious harm to the audience. The Fire Marshall gets pretty cranky about that sort of thing. But they'll do something cool. And they'll be doing some color commentary for the T-Shirt hurling contest.

Jamie Hyneman, James Gosling, Wendy Yamaguma (the gal that runs JavaOne) and Adam Savage
April 10, 2006